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Video Feature: Kasil Workshop Fall 2012

Kasil Workshop Fall 2012 from Ramp1885.com on Vimeo.


Videology: Kasil Workshop Fall/Winter 2012


By: Super! Alright!


“Kuro/Noir” represents black in two different languages: Japanese and French. Each signifies a unique approach to the rugged elegance that Kasil Workshop sought to capture. No one could better interpret those two words than a jean company that’s been doing it for more than 50 years.



Director: Michael Younesi

Executive Producer: Christopher Butler

Producer: Leah Fong

Director of Photography: Tom Banks

Stylist: Conor Graham

Hair/Makeup: Daniele Piersons

Editor: Alexander Mirecki

Colorist: Santiago Padilla, NewHat

Music Courtesy of Chelsea Wolfe

Models: Cheyne Hannegan and Brea Peck



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