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On the streets of…Sana’a, Yemen

The Grooms of Yemen



The Grooms


In Sana’a,  grooms cloak themselves in endless layers of tradition, colour and history. Majesty is in the grandest scale.


Who: The grooms and their own fashionable presence.


Location: Sana’a Yemen


Secret: It’s all about culture. When the big day comes to tie the knot, the grooms of Yemen follow the cultural fashion dictations.


Breakdown: Floral necklaces, Jambiyas and overall fabulousness brings forth Sana’a’s traditional ambience. In a land where marriages of various couples often take place at the same time, place and day, here you have three grooms sitting ready to tie the knot with their respective brides.


Photography by Nabil abdul whab Ibrahim


*Nabil loves to capture the spirit of his hometown, Sana’a every chance he gets. When he is not shopping at his neighourhood Souks or meeting up with friends for coffee and Qat, he can be found reading his favorite Hemingway book.

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