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Danish Royals Launches Trade Mission With Canada

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and Eva Kruse, CEO of The Danish Fashion Institute

  Regal Style.  By: Tessa Johnson Toronto Canada Images courtesy of Robert McGee Denmark officially launched its trade mission with Canada last month and Ramp1885 was delighted to attend the ceremony located in the Toronto Distillery District at the Fermenting Cellar. Their Royal Highness, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary lead the largest Danish...

Feature: Q&A with Ian Smillie–The Man Who Testified Against ‘Blood Diamond’ Warlord Charles Taylor

Amnesty International France campaign against Blood Diamonds

    Feature: Guns and Gems — On The Frontlines of the Blood Diamond Trade.   By: Isabelle Bourgeault-Tassé Ottawa, Canada     “Ian Smillie is lying through his teeth.” With these words, former warlord and Liberian President Charles Taylor denounced the man who would implicate him in Liberia and Sierra Leone’s illicit diamond trade....