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Feature: Our Exclusive Chat With The Mysterious Genius Behind Lagos Street Style

Chic stylish scenes discovered by Lagos Street Style

  Loving Lagos   By: Isabelle Bourgeault-Tassé Toronto, Canada     “Lagosians just do it better,” boasts Buzzfeed’s Bim Adewunmi.   And it’s true.  The evidence is in with Lagos Street Style, a new blog capturing the vibrant and eclectic street styles of the Nigerian city’s fashionistas.   The blog, profiled in Buzzfeed and...

Slackliners’ unique style sense shines in Istanbul, Turkey


  Sartorial Slackliner Style.  By: Alba Brunetti Istanbul, Turkey   Ever since the Gezi protests last year Istanbullu have re-discovered the importance of parks – not just as pockets of nature in a rapidly gentrifying city, but as vital parts of the community. After Gezi, parks became gathering places for forums (open air meetings) where citizens discussed the ways...

On the streets of….Medellin, Colombia (Part 1) *Colombia Fashion Week Special*

After-dark Global Street Style from the parties of Colombia Moda 2013

    Sizzling Street Style at Colombia Moda 2013     By: Hina P. Ansari     Well in case you haven’t heard, I am down south — in South America that is — for a Colombia Moda 2013, their official fashion week in magical Medellin. While running from my front row seat of one...

Feature: Diodati by Luca Galardo at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

Diodati by Luca Galardo at Toronto Men's Fashion Week

  Street Sport.    By: Tessa Johnson Toronto, Canada   Athletic and street wear continue to be hot layering pieces and on trend. Diodati by Luca Galardo’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection fused sleek tailoring with light weight hi-tech fabrics. Ribbed leather tanks were a crowd favorite and graphic black mesh tops were outfitted with...

Feature: Chat with photographer Anthony Bila from Johannesburg, South Africa

By photographer Anthony Bila from Johannesburg South Africa

      Depth of Focus.   By: Jesica Colbyn Johannesburg, South Africa   Photography… Art or past time? Needless to say, we owe a great deal to Johann Zahn, the guy who envisioned the world’s first portable camera. Through his 17th century vision, man has been able to capture moments. While reflex mirrors, focal-plane...

Feature: The Woman Who Put Tehran’s Fashion In Full Focus

Shabnam poses on location in the markets of Tehran

      Accidental Revolutionary: Photographer Afra Pourdad lenses Tehran   By: Isabelle Bourgeault-Tassé Ottawa, Canada   A friend of mine wrote to me: “what did you do to me with your Tehran,” expressing the emotional nostalgia she has had experienced seeing the photos. A lot of it has to do with memories, nostalgia, craziness,...

Global Designer Spotlight: Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg, South Africa

Derby style by Swede & CROWE

  Sole to Soul.    By: Jesica Colbyn Johannesburg, South Africa   I am a lover of all things OTT so, when I came across Swede & CROWE my wallet was blown away. No like, I seriously need a collection of these awesome, futuristic concepts and great quality...

Feature: Style Spotlight — Singh Street Style.com


    Serious Heritage Haute.   By: Alba Brunetti Istanbul, Turkey   As a child I spent my summers in Italy and loved to watch the fashionably dressed take long leisurely walks down the city’s main street. It was like being in a new fashion show every day.  Later, I discovered N.Y.’s own

On the streets of…Leicester, England

Military Funk

      Military Funk   Fashionista: Shriya Pancholi   Location: Leicester, England   Breakdown: In this photo, I’m wearing camel combats with elasticated cotton cuffs and detailing, cropped, oversized RUDE top and black vintage military boots. The outfit is topped off with a navy and mustard beanie and vintage Submarine sunglasses.   Secret: Military...

On the streets of…Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Style Watch: Slim cuts, comfort and colour!

In the bustling city of Istanbul,  it’s all about slim cuts, comfort and lots of colour!    By: Alba Brunetti Istanbul, Turkey       It’s the day before spring begins and we’re still not 100 percent convinced. We’ve had some deliciously warm days and shockingly cold ones and today is right there in between....

Feature: The Pink Sock Diary

Amel's pink socks

A story of colour and convo.     By Amel Gaaloul Tunis, Tunisia    When I woke up that morning and decided to wear pink socks under my blue sandals, I knew my sartorial choice wouldn’t go unnoticed. Puzzled, many of my friends and co-workers called me “The Brit” that day, thus...

On the streets of…Osaka, Japan

Sporty Chic

        Casual Cool.    Fashionista: This pretty great gal!   Location: Osaka, Japan   Secret: Even though she is on her day off, she doesn’t let her style fall by the wayside. Sure she’s comfortable, but even with the burst of colour of red just gives her enough pizzazz to last her...

On the streets of…Osaka, Japan

Blues Clues.

          Blues Clues!    Fashionister:  This groovy gent, redefines Dandy.   Location: Osaka, Japan   Secret: Here it’s all about clean lines, slim silhouette and of course a pretty rocking bag.   Breakdown: This gentleman shows that one can rock the locks as well as a bow tie. If you look...