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On The Streets of…Istanbul, Turkey — Winter Edition

Bundling up Istanbul Style

    Istanbul Style Watch – Hats and Scarves   By: Alba Brunetti Istanbul, Turkey   The history of Turkey is written in hats and scarves. Fezzes are out, said Atatürk, ushering in the modern-day Republic and jaunty hats for men, women and children. We’re still discussing scarves here, but suffice it to say, whatever...

On the streets of…Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Style Watch: Slim Cuts, Colour and Comfort

    Istanbul Style Watch – Let Us Now Praise Facial Hair, Especially the ‘Stache.   By: Alba Brunetti Istanbul, Turkey   *Note: This is days before police violence erupted in Istanbul including in the Istiklal neighbourhood, where these photos were taken.We send our sympathies to those killed and injured in protesting for their civil...

City Style Snapshot: Jerusalem

Jerusalem Skyline

  Jerusalem style — eclectic blends of trendy and traditional.   By: Lauren Sirt Jerusalem, Israel   When most people think of Jerusalem, they often visualize a city filled with ancient ruins and biblical history; however, for those of us who call this place home, Jerusalem encompasses so much more than its historical...

On the streets of…Berlin, Germany

The fashionable ladies of Berlin

          All wrapped up!   Fashionistas: The smart set of Berlin.   Location: In chic district of  Zreuzberg, we find these ladies showcasing their styles by their outerwear.   Secret: Make sure that your fashion statement is comprised of equal parts of warmth and style.   Breakdown: From gorgeous cashmere shawls...

On the streets of…Beirut, Lebanon


Topshop Gets Lebanese Treatment  (slideshow)  Fashionista: Christina / Graphic Design major   Location: Beirut, Lebanon   Secret: Topshop isn’t a brand — it’s an obsession. Her entire wardrobe is comprised of Topshop Items, including this fabulous boho-chic dress.   Breakdown: Her integral fashion plus is accessorizing. Since her dress takes on a simple palette...