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Slackliners’ unique style sense shines in Istanbul, Turkey


  Sartorial Slackliner Style.  By: Alba Brunetti Istanbul, Turkey   Ever since the Gezi protests last year Istanbullu have re-discovered the importance of parks – not just as pockets of nature in a rapidly gentrifying city, but as vital parts of the community. After Gezi, parks became gathering places for forums (open air meetings) where citizens discussed the ways...

Feature: Francesca Miranda F/W 2013 at ColombiaModa 2013

Francesca Miranda Fall/Winter 2013

      An ode to the past.   By: Hina P. Ansari     The ColombaModa 2013 official opening fashion show as that of Colombian designer Francesca Miranda who presented her Fall/Winter 2013 show with an ethereal ambience.   Working with the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History as part of her...

Feature: A Giving Fair in Rio de Janeiro

Feira Grátis da Gratidão

    A unique fair embraces human interaction and spirit of giving.    By: Emanuelle de Gondra Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   “Bring whatever you want, or nothing. Get whatever you want, or nothing.”   The quote seen above is the motto of “Feira Grátis da Gratidão”, what could be translated into something...