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On the streets of…Osaka, Japan

Take colourful strides with these fabulous printed pants!

  Petal Pushers   Fashionista: Spring’s stylistas.   Background: If you are living under a rock then I’ll forgive you for not knowing about the hottest trend for Spring. Flowers! Flowers! Flowers! Vases across the world are emptying in rapid fire pace while I type this, as the traditional bloom is making their new home...

On the streets of…Osaka, Japan

Sporty Chic

        Casual Cool.    Fashionista: This pretty great gal!   Location: Osaka, Japan   Secret: Even though she is on her day off, she doesn’t let her style fall by the wayside. Sure she’s comfortable, but even with the burst of colour of red just gives her enough pizzazz to last her...

On the streets of…Osaka, Japan

Punk meets pink

    Cherry Blossom Chic I !  Fashionistas: Tis the season to break out the spring vibes and let your inner rainbow shine. It’s such a gorgeous way of bringing in the new season of rejuvenation, so we present to you our Cherry Blossom Global Street Style Edition!   Location: Osaka, Japan  ...

On the streets of…Osaka, Japan

Blues Clues.

          Blues Clues!    Fashionister:  This groovy gent, redefines Dandy.   Location: Osaka, Japan   Secret: Here it’s all about clean lines, slim silhouette and of course a pretty rocking bag.   Breakdown: This gentleman shows that one can rock the locks as well as a bow tie. If you look...

On the streets of…Osaka, Japan

On the streets of...Osaka, Japan

      In da house.    Fashionistas: This awesome pair shows us that style is definitely a personal affair.   Secret: Work it. Whether you’ve got a fabulous bag or serious chains — if you aren’t giving your look a 100% then you best be staying at home.   Breakdown: Various shades of neutrals...

On the streets of…Osaka, Japan

The 80s revival

      It’s 80s full on glam.   Fashionistas: It’s fast times, with this pretty awesome 80s inspired couple.   Location:  Shinsaibashi Osaka, Japan   Secret: Matching are for losers. These players clearly own their look and give it their unique touch.   Breakdown: Where do we begin with such awesomeness? We can start...