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Feature: Coveting The Hijab Through The Photographic Lens

L-R: London Veil and New York Veil by photographer Sara Shamsavari

  In her Image: London Veil | Paris Veil | New York Veil By: Isabelle Bourgeault-Tassé Toronto, Canada   “Beauty is truth,” says Sara Shamsavari.   To Shamsavari, the elevation of beauty and truth extends far beyond the reach of fashion ideals.  True beauty comes from challenging stereotypes, encouraging “ideals of non-judgement, equality,...

Feature: Q&A with Alternative Limb Project’s Sophie de Oliveira Barata

VIctoria Modesta and her "Stereo Leg" designed by Alternative Limb Project. Photography by Rosemary Williams

    Snow Queens and Feathered Warriors: In conversation with Alternative Limb Project’s Sophie de Oliveira Barata   By: Isabelle Bourgeault-Tassé Ottawa, Canada   Sophie de Oliveira Barata is reimagining the human body, limb by limb.   She is the founder of the Alternative Limb Project, where she works closely with amputees to...