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Feature: Asian pieces boosts thrifty online store

Kalavati Sanskrit Art Form Dress

    Thrift-clothing online store: A haven of exquisite, hand-picked Asian pieces By: Pola Del Monte Quezon City, Philippines   At first, it was the desire to stretch her allowance that propelled Filipino-Chinese Jean-Marie Isabelle Lau, then a student, to start selling thrifted clothes on her online shop. As her college days swept...

On the streets of…Sana’a, Yemen

The Everyday Man

(slideshow) The streets of Sana’a brim with treasures. Sure, the markets boast great finds, but a casual glance reveals a stunning ensemble of style donned by locals on a regular day.   Who: The Everyday Man   Location: Sana’a, Yemen   Secret: Keeping cultural accessories in the forefront. The Yemeni identity is intact.   Breakdown:...

City Style Snapshot: Cairo

The cityscape of Cairo Egypt

  A New Fashionable Cairo By: Menna Mourad Cairo, Egypt.   Googling “Egyptian fashion” will result in pictures of models dressed in “Ancient Egyptian” inspired wardrobe or just actual historical photos of Ancient Egyptians [full stop].   However, I believe that this image will change in the next few years with the coming-of-age of the...

On the streets of…Sana’a, Yemen


The Grooms of Yemen (slideshow)     In Sana’a,  grooms cloak themselves in endless layers of tradition, colour and history. Majesty is in the grandest scale.   Who: The grooms and their own fashionable presence.   Location: Sana’a Yemen   Secret: It’s all about culture. When the big day comes to tie the knot, the grooms...

Photo Feature: A Country Life from Dublin, Ireland


  Shot on Location at County Wicklow, Ireland. (slideshow)   By: Alex Calder Dublin, Ireland.   Last year’s love affair with heritage continues this Autumn, and it’s perfect for the season. Colours are burgundy, cream, browns and greens, accented with ochre and russet. Fabrics are textured tweeds, chunky knits and soft suede and leather. Natural colours...

Global Designer Spotlight: NINI by Norma Gomez Saavedra from Managua, Nicaragua


NINI by Norma Gomez Saavedra By: Ulie Pavone Managua, Nicaragua. Hailing from Nicaragua, Norma Gomez Saavedra is a fashion designer, business administrator and the creator of NINI, an original fashion line located in Managua, Nicaragua and Brazil. Two years ago, Saavedra went to Brazil to pursue her dream in fashion design. Notables who are fans...