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City Style Snapshot: Dublin, Ireland

Shotsy Vintage

Economic realities gives way to a creative DIY culture.   By: Alex Calder Dublin, Ireland.   Dublin has changed a lot over the past fifteen years. The boom of the late ninties transformed a struggling, down at heel city into a flash, cash-rich, expensive city break destination. The economic hardship of the last two years...

On the streets of…Accra, Ghana

Cecilia shows of her love for traditional prints!

Fashionista: Cecelia Acquah / Student Location:  Accra, Ghana Fashion breakdown: This dress was made by my tailor, the shoes were matched to a particular color in the dress and some accessories to complete the look. Fashion secret: I love a dress that has a great mix of fabrics and prints!    ...

City Style Snapshot: Accra

Wonderful prints from traditional gowns from Accra, Ghana Africa.

Cultural couture dictates Accra’s fashion scene. By: Francesca Andoh Accra, Ghana.   Located along the shores of the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana is one of the many African countries budding with world-class fashion. The fashion industry has emerged from a state of complete blandness to a state of growing consistency that is loyal to their...