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Photo Feature: A Country Life from Dublin, Ireland


  Shot on Location at County Wicklow, Ireland. (slideshow)   By: Alex Calder Dublin, Ireland.   Last year’s love affair with heritage continues this Autumn, and it’s perfect for the season. Colours are burgundy, cream, browns and greens, accented with ochre and russet. Fabrics are textured tweeds, chunky knits and soft suede and leather. Natural colours...

Global Designer Spotlight: NINI by Norma Gomez Saavedra from Managua, Nicaragua


NINI by Norma Gomez Saavedra By: Ulie Pavone Managua, Nicaragua. Hailing from Nicaragua, Norma Gomez Saavedra is a fashion designer, business administrator and the creator of NINI, an original fashion line located in Managua, Nicaragua and Brazil. Two years ago, Saavedra went to Brazil to pursue her dream in fashion design. Notables who are fans...

City Style Snapshot: Accra

Wonderful prints from traditional gowns from Accra, Ghana Africa.

Cultural couture dictates Accra’s fashion scene. By: Francesca Andoh Accra, Ghana.   Located along the shores of the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana is one of the many African countries budding with world-class fashion. The fashion industry has emerged from a state of complete blandness to a state of growing consistency that is loyal to their...