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Feature: Highlights from South Africa Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013

L-R: Black Coffee, Bianca Warren and Clive Rundle

      The Autumn/Winter 2013 runway presentations held in Johannesburg, kept us mesmerized. Here are a few designers that we absolutely loved!    By: Hina P. Ansari   Black Coffee   The recipient of the 2009 Mercedes Benz Art Award, Black Coffee not only has a memorable name but also boasts...

Feature: Model profile on Renny Chivunga

Renny Chivunga

      This Zimbabwean beauty brings beautiful chemistry to the Aussie fashion landscape.    By: Triston Berlin, Germany     Hailing from Zimbabwe and now a resident of Australia, Renny first came to the Land Down Under for a chemical engineering degree, but has remained for something that is far more exciting than any chemical...

Global Designer Spotlight: Sepha Designs from Accra, Ghana

Sepha Designs

 (slideshow)   Newcomer to the fashion scene, SEphA Designs shows the beauty in African diversity.    By: Francesca Andoh Accra, Ghana   SEphA Designs is a newcomer in the Ghanaian fashion industry that uses African textiles to showcase the beauty and diversity of the African culture in clothing and...

Global Designer Spotlight: Accra

Trashy Beauty

 (slideshow)   Fashionably reducing their carbon foot-print, this company shows trash can be treasured. By: Francesca Andoh Accra, Ghana   Trashy Bags is a genius organization that creates fashion out of recycled plastic waste. From the heart of Accra, Ghana, Trashy Bags realizes the harm that plastic waste poses on the environment and tackles the...

City Style Snapshot: Accra

Wonderful prints from traditional gowns from Accra, Ghana Africa.

Cultural couture dictates Accra’s fashion scene. By: Francesca Andoh Accra, Ghana.   Located along the shores of the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana is one of the many African countries budding with world-class fashion. The fashion industry has emerged from a state of complete blandness to a state of growing consistency that is loyal to their...