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Submission Guidelines

Ramp1885.com Submission/Writer Guidelines (Download copy here)

You want to join our team because…. 



We are…Ramp1885.com a unique international online publication exploring the untapped fashion reservoirs of the world. Our mantra is to bring to you unique fashion perspectives from the nooks and crannies of the globe, from Colombia and Cairo to Dublin and Nicaragua to Berlin and Beirut. Join us at the intersection of culture and couture where fashion is translated, embraced and redefined.


You are...Looking to join a passionate roster of international reporters, photographers, bloggers, stylists and out-and-out-fashion enthusiasts. You saw our Global Team page and want to be a part of this fabulous community. You have an ear to the ground, your finger on the pulse of your community’s vibe and you just love to share your story with the world. You possess  excellent journalistic/reporting skills, have the drive and passion to dive right in and report back to us on what’s happening in your neighbourhood’s fashion scene. You have published works in other formats (print/online) or you have been blogging on your own about your local fashion flavour. You have been looking high and low for a platform where your story can be told.  And your tireless journey ends here…with Ramp1885.com.




Writer Submission Requirements



• Please state the area of expertise & interest.


• Address editorial submissions to Team@Ramp1885.com with subject line “Submissions”.


• Go ahead, grab a cup of tea and read Ramp1885.com to get an idea on what has already been covered and what we are looking for.


• Ramp1885.com is an international publication in the truest sense — which means you can be located anywhere, report from anywhere and tell your fashion perspectives from literally all four corners of the world.


• Submissions must be in Microsoft Word including bylines and photo credits where applicable.


• Photos must be high resolution (300 dpi and at least 1 MB in size) and submitted in jpg format, fully captioned.


• When conducting research where applicable, please ensure that it is done in a thorough documented manner.


• All articles written for Ramp1885.com becomes the property of Ramp1885.com. Any reposting, reprinting of the article must have written permission and once authorized must properly credit “As written for Ramp1885.com” with link to Ramp1885.com site on the sharing site/article. Any other reposting/sharing/reprinting of article must be done with written authorization by Ramp1885.com.


*all photographs that come with the article submitted must be taken exclusively for Ramp1885.com as part of the submission process. Photo credits should always be well documented on the submitted article. If you come across photos from another site that you feel best explains the story, please be sure to include all necessary photo credits listed on that particular site, as well as that site’s url, so that we can include all of that necessary information when crediting it as part of Ramp1885′s story.


*For photographers looking to submit their creatives — we are open to accepting already published works as we do not want to pose any limitations for photographers who are looking to sell their spreads/photoshoots.


*If you would like to share the news that you are part of Ramp1885.com, of course feel free to do so! Post it on your blogs, tumblrs and pretty much everywhere else! Always remember to indicate that the article was first published on Ramp1885.com and include backlinks to the Ramp1885.com site as well.


Ramp 1885’s market


• Please read the publication to familiarize yourself with the content, writing style and voice of Ramp1885.com.

• Our international readers are fashion-lovers who want to discover new designers, stores, trends and whatever is happening in cities are aren’t on the traditional fashion radar.

We love our contributors!


• Ramp1885.com supports creative talent, we provide a unique opportunity to be published. We pride ourselves as a online fashion publication that truly believes in the importance of helping one build their creative book. We want to give our wonderful contributors that are part of our Global Team as much props as we can as this is a passion project for everyone involved. Therefore we ensure that we include a brief bio (including their link to their site) where applicable, at the bottom of each article that is posted. We also do a feature profile on one of our contributors every 2 weeks.





Still have questions? Feel free to email us directly at Team@Ramp1885.com!