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City Style Snapshot: Accra

Wonderful prints from traditional gowns from Accra, Ghana Africa.

Wonderful collection of prints that dictate the vibe of Accra's fashion scene.

Cultural couture dictates Accra’s fashion scene.

By: Francesca Andoh

Accra, Ghana.


Located along the shores of the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana is one of the many African countries budding with world-class fashion. The fashion industry has emerged from a state of complete blandness to a state of growing consistency that is loyal to their traditionalists and also open to new emerging designers. The way Ghana’s fashion is expressed has also evolved over the years from being somewhat drab to being utterly fascinating with today’s wild cuts and eye-popping colours. The fashion scene of today’s Ghana is filled with a lot more interest and uniquely placed points of surprise in style and taste.


Modern fashion in Accra is now predominated by western designs on traditional prints and fabrics. The majority of designers try to fuse both western and local cultures by colliding high fashion with cultural style. As a result, it has opened doors of style possibilities for the every-day fashion enthusiast of Ghana with more options in local fashion for literally every occasion.  Just like any bustling city, the business attire is well, just business as usual. Fridays on the other hand have its own style wardrobe. Coined, “Traditional Wear Day” or simply, “Friday Wear”, donning traditional wear is highly encouraged and embraced.


When it comes to street style, the ones who own it, for me, are mostly the celebrities, high school and college students as well as those in the know about fashion and the industry alike. They throw on random things and make them work and it is always amazing what new twists you they introduce to already existing styles.


Fashion in Accra, Ghana is diverse and only blossoming. With any fortune, it will flourish to make the city one of the world’s leading fashion locations in the near future.


*Francesca is an art loving, styling obsessed, fashion lover who roams the streets of Ghana always looking for the next fashionable inspiration. Check out her thoughts at www.Silkroyalty707.blogspot.com

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