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Feature: The Fall Line from Bows-N-Ties, San Francisco California

Bows N' Ties from San Francisco California

    Dapper Detail.  By: Sarah J. Montoro Berkeley, California   Tucked away the middle of a city that The New York Times dubbed “the city that style forgot,” and whose fashion sense NY Mag described as “the clothing equivalent of water: The taste is so neutral...

Feature: Brazilian coffee & shoes make the perfect café

Colourful shoes!

    Sole to Soul. Take one part Brazilian coffee and two parts gorgeous footwear and you’ve got a pretty heavenly café.    By. Sarah J. Montoro Salvador da Bahia, Brazil   Anyone who’s ever been into a Starbucks might be familiar with the richness of Brazilian coffee beans, but you’d have to actually step...

Global Designer Spotlight: Salvador da Bahia


      Feminine Brazil created by this designer’s fusion of artistic elegance and the gravitas of history.  By: Sarah J. Montoro Salvador da Bahia, Brazil     At the time I had met Roney George at a coffee shop in Salvador, my entire Portuguese lexicon consisted of “door”, “thank you”, “shut up”...

Feature: Carnival in Ouro Preto, Brazil

Fan Girl at Carnival

(slideshow)     The historic college-town does Brazilian Carnival like no other.  By: Sarah J. Montoro Ouro Preto, Brazil   Taking place just before Lent, Brazilian Carnival was traditionally celebrated as a last hurrah for tasting earth’s un-heavenly delights before a 48 day...

City Style Snapshot: Salvador da Bahia

Baiana women dance in their fabulous fashionable regalia

    Exploring the sultry sensibilities of this Brazilian city.  By: Sarah J. Montoro   On the coast of the Brazilian Northeast, cradled in the sun-soaked arms of the Todos os Santos Bay, Salvador da Bahia is everything I love in a city: laid-back, yet bold. Raw and immodest. In fact, “modesty” isn’t even in...