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Feature: Asian pieces boosts thrifty online store

Kalavati Sanskrit Art Form Dress

    Thrift-clothing online store: A haven of exquisite, hand-picked Asian pieces By: Pola Del Monte Quezon City, Philippines   At first, it was the desire to stretch her allowance that propelled Filipino-Chinese Jean-Marie Isabelle Lau, then a student, to start selling thrifted clothes on her online shop. As her college days swept...

City Style Snapshot: Manila

People seek refuge (by the dozen) at the famous Quiapo church. Photo courtesy of Jolomo

        It is an endless summer for this tropical paradise. By: Pola del Monte Manila Philippines   The streets may get crowded and the sun can get scathing, but with bays and rivers and considerable amounts of lush greenery tucked in segments within the concrete jungle, Manileños always find ways to feel...