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On the streets of…Toronto, Canada

Global Chic

Global Chic


Global Chic.


Fashionista: Samira


Location: Toronto, Canada


Breakdown:  What can I say about someone so globally fabulous? Samira, a graphic designer who, fresh from her trip to Cairo, graced her presence at a friend’s summer soiree decked out in some international fabulousness that I couldn’t even contain myself. Wearing this fantastic cutwork coat from Cairo-based Lebanese designer, “Nadine”, this unique overlay is comprised of 100% Egyptian cotton, patchwork from India and Ghana and the long rectangular patchwork which is serves as the “spine” of the coat is made by a Tunisian artist.  See, told you it was global!


Global Chic

Global Chic


Secret: Samira exudes an easy breezy summer vibe and that can only be accomplished when one is seriously comfortable in their look. She loves styles that are “different” but also appreciates the ‘no-muss no-fuss’ vibe of the traditional casual wear. Always the creator even in her wardrobe, she loves finding gems in random shops where others may not have made such a fashionable connection.


Photography by Hassan Ahmed 

Written by Hina P. Ansari  

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  1. Jesica says:

    I love the coat! The detail!

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