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On the streets of…Tokyo, Japan


She's cool. 'Nuff said.

She's cool. 'Nuff said.


Haute Pink!

Haute Pink!



Rainbow Brights

These Japanese stylistas still work their trademark style.


Location: Tokyo, Japan


Breakdown #1: She rocks the school uniform look brilliantly with layers of blue and beige combo and of course topped off with the great mesh baller cap. Look down. What’s that you see? Yeah that’s right, cute bands (we’re guessing hair accessories) that rim the top of the superbly slouched (and layered) socks. We mustn’t forget the finishing touch: The must-have stuffed toy pinned to her blazer and the cute and colourful phone accessory. That’s right, it’s head-to-toe-to-phone fabulousness.


Breakdown #2: While strolling we caught this fabulous pink-hued gal who has no doubts about flaunting what we think could be her favourite hue. She looks so comfortable doesn’t she? With her own unique blend of layers (let’s count: teal blue pants, teal blue top, white star studded top over that, and then finishing it off with what looks like a great comfy pink zip-up). Did we forget something? Oh, that’s right those kick-ass pink boots. Accessories? Sure let’s go there: the groovy white quilted bag, the multi-coloured bow-like floral themed hair clip which adorns her red ponytail and if you look closely, just near her neck, it  looks like a…stuffed toy. That’s right. We can’t even process.


Secret: Well, if we knew that, than we’d all  be breaking out in this Harajuku-style fabulousness. If we were brave enough that is. It’s one of our favourite things when documenting styles from across the world. Spotting such fantastic fashion scenes as these.



Photography by: Cam May

Written by: Hina P. Ansari


*Cam is recent photography graduate from New Zealand  who is currently living in Osaka Japan. He is busy soaking up the everyday Japanese city lifestyle buoyed by his love for street photography.  You will always find him attached to his rangefinder. You can check out more of his photos on his flickr site at http://www.flickr.com/photos/cammayphotography/



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