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On the streets of…Sydney, Australia


Katrina & Courtney

Katrina & Courtney show colourful comfort!


Katrina & Courtney

Stay true to your style. Always know what works for you. These lovely girls do!


Valentine’s Day is the day of love, and we’re loving these outfits!


Fashionista: Katrina /Student


Location: Sydney, Australia


Secret: Less is more! Katrina is a blonde beauty, with amazing features to show off! She says, “simplicity is way to go”!


Breakdown: Katrina is in school and when she isn’t finishing up her homework she likes to play netball and referee for netball and basketball games. She lives in denim shorts and spring is her favourite season!!


Katrina & Courtney

Sometimes the focus doesn't have to be the colour but the actual cut of the fabric.



Fashionista #2: Courtney / student and part time subway worker.


Location: Sydney, Australia


Secret: “Clothes add to your character” .  Courtney believes that what your personality shows in what you wear. Fashion is a personal choice. We can always mix and match and have fun with it.


Breakdown: Net Ball player, subway worker, student and babysitter, Courtney is a really busy teen! She loves music and dancing. She’s outgoing, loves bright colours and has always wanted to play the banjo. Dancing in public and watching INXS are her current obsessions. She is FUN and a person you really want to get to know ;-) .



By Aditi Rajgopal 


*Aditi loves music, writing and taking pictures. She’s currently a student in Sydney and a shopaholic! When she’s not locked up in her room strumming her guitar, she is usually hitting the local shops. For more of her musings from Down Under go to her blog http://guitarsandcameras.tumblr.com/


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