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On the streets of…Sydney, Australia


Ashleigh Larkham

Ashleigh Larkham


Sparkle ‘n’ Shine



The Fashionista: Ashleigh Larkham


Occupation: Local Netball player/ Part-time model


Location: Sydney, Australia


Secret: Shh..We know her secret!: The fun and loving Ashleigh has a sense of style running through her blood! Ashleigh and her equally amazing twin love spending time togethershopping or at  local modelling competitions. When it comes to personal style she say it is ‘moody’.  Her mind doesn’t choose her outfit, her mood does!


“If I’m happy, I wear oranges, sky blues and yellows. When I’m sad, or if it’s raining I’ll wear grey’s and blacks”


However, when she isn’t in any particular mood, she goes for the sparkles. Since “Glitter and sparkles are a girl’s best friend!” is one of her fashion mottos.



Breakdown: Sports Girl, Sports Girl and…Sports Girl! Ashleigh is in love with this fashion forward store. Sports Girl, may have the word ‘Sports’ in their title,  but it is anything but!  They sell clothes, shoes, make up, handbags and accessories. The sparkly top in this outfit is the centre of attention, by pairing it with black pants it tones down the outfit. (This is where the shoes come in!) While the top adds sophistication to this outfit, the soft yellow shoes add colour. Making the outfit balance out perfectly!


By: Aditi Rajgopal




*Aditi loves music, writing and taking pictures. She’s currently a student in Sydney and a shopaholic! When she’s not locked up in her room strumming her guitar, she is usually hitting the local shops. For more of her musings from Down Under go to her blog http://guitarsandcameras.tumblr.com/


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