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On the streets of…Singapore


Chin Zei Kei

Chin Zei Kei


Who says there are rules to fashion? And even if there were, rules were made to be broken, baby!


Fashionista: Chin Zei Kei, media student and forefront player in the burgeoning fashion industry in Singapore with a fierce passion for fashion. 8 different hairstyles in 1 year, her favourite and boldest being the bowl cut last year.


Location: The sunny island of Singapore.


Secret: “Be adventurous, be creative, be bold. Don’t be afraid to try new looks. Be true to who you are, do not just dress in a certain way because it is deemed “trendy” and “fashionable”. Always experiment! I am always experimenting! I can be extravagant and flamboyant on days, but i can be laid back and simple chic on other days. I love to work my androgyny and dress like a dude.


Style is very individualistic but is often manipulated by the media and people around us. That is why I really dislike dressing the same as other people and when I see people wearing the same clothes as me.


Colours are very important to me. I LOVE COLOURS! I can dress monochrome but put on a pair of neon pink socks to make a difference in my outfit. Most of the time I am drenched in colours.”


Breakdown: Style can’t be bought with money, and this girl certainly knows it. Zei Kei wears bold green and black sweater and inner shirt, both items from thrift shops. Paired with LOUD polka dots, she really does make a statement. And what better way to announce herself as a media student than to accessorize it with a film slate?


“Just like what they say about MJ, “A person can be easily imitated but never duplicated”. True that!” – Zei Kei


Talk about dressing to impress! This fashionista is certainly unafraid to go with the unconventional and take bold leaps into fashion.



By: Audrey Kang

 Photography by Felix Loo



*Singapore born and bred Audrey is a full time Media student and unabashed literature nerd. Also has an unhealthy love for shoes (unhealthy for her wallet, anyway!) and an inclination to wandering around observing people.

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