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On the streets of…Seoul, Korea


The cool kids from Seoul, South Korea

The cool kids from Seoul, South Korea


Gangnam Style!


Location: Seoul, Korea


Fashionista and Fashionisters: Pretty cool young turks taking in Seoul’s nightlife.


Secret: This is why I love when I get street style from Asia. Because these cool cats definitely know how to mix it up and seriously front some fantastic looks. It’s fearless. It’s fun and all in all fabulous.


Tartan love

Tartan love



K-Pop Princess

K-Pop Princess


Masterclass of Punk

Masterclass of Punk


Breakdown: Here we have three very different style stories being told, what I’m calling Tartan; K-Pop and Punk.


Tartan: Love this guy who clearly shows his fondness for tartan with his hat and Scottish-inspired pleated skirt. And yes when you have two pets to carry around, carry the carrier!  He adds some bad-ass quotient with his denim jacket (collar turned up, of course) and his curiously cool colourful buttons. Love.


K-Pop: This cutie clearly is channelling her inner music star. Love her easy breezy outfit with comfy white leggings, topped up with a cute grey and white layered look and then adding that punch of colour with the adorable shrunken blazer in a luscious green.


Punk: If you just swap Seoul with Soho he’d fit right in there too. Love his shades-at-night approach. Fantastic t-shirt, ripped jeans and blazer ensemble. I’m pretty sure that messenger bag has the coolest iPad or laptop just covered in logos. This guy has front man rock star presence down cold.


Gangnam style indeed!



Photography by Laki Gushary

Written by Hina P. Ansari

*Laki is a Jakarta based “guy with camera” dipping in a pool of fashion photography. You will almost certainly find this caffeine driven photographer brewing at a local coffee-shop during his free time. You can check out more of his work athttp://lgushary.blogspot.com/ <http://lgushary.blogspot.com/>

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