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On the streets of…Seoul, Korea

Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine


Cute alert! We can not let Valentine’s Day go by without this adorable global street style from Seoul, Korea!


Cute Couple: Blue Valentine

Secret: When you feel like matching, do it with style. Blues are celebrated in this super cool way with denim toppers, fantastic cutoff pants and of course let’s not forget the shocking pink laces on the guy’s sneaks. Sometimes being blue can be a good thing.


Breakdown: I love this couple’s way of making their own statement in terms of style. Sure it’s a little on the matchy-matchy side but they still safely veer back into their own identities with her adorable polka-dot dress and his pretty fabulous hot pink laces.



Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart



Cute Couple: Heart to Heart


Secret: Can you tell this couple love their solid colours? You can’t? Look closer….that’s right. Black and white and pretty fabulous all over.


Breakdown: This is why I love watching people’s fashion sense when they go out as a couple. Whether they do it deliberately or it’s an innate sense at this point of their relationship, they always tend to go together. Here we see this cute couple’s sense of love for solid colours. The classic cardigan over the white frock has her simply glowing while her beau keeps it funky with similar hues in his striped pullover, denim jacket and yes, also sporting some fantastic neon green laces. Head-to-toe fabulousness times two!



Photography by Laki Gushary

Written by Hina P. Ansari

*Laki is a Jakarta based “guy with camera” dipping in a pool of fashion photography. You will almost certainly find this caffeine driven photographer brewing at a local coffee-shop during his free time. You can check out more of his work athttp://lgushary.blogspot.com/ <http://lgushary.blogspot.com/>


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