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On the streets of…Sana’a, Yemen

The Everyday Man

The Everyday Man


The streets of Sana’a brim with treasures.

Sure, the markets boast great finds, but a casual glance reveals a stunning ensemble of style donned by locals on a regular day.


Who: The Everyday Man


Location: Sana’a, Yemen


Secret: Keeping cultural accessories in the forefront. The Yemeni identity is intact.


Breakdown: Men sport their traditional Jambiyas (daggers) wrapped overtop draped fabrics (showing their personal style by choice of colour) and finishing it off with the western touch of a quintessential blazer or a sweater. The Yemeni style must-have? Why, a rifle of course!



Photography by Nabil abdul whab Ibrahim

Written by Hina P. Ansari



*Nabil loves to capture the spirit of his hometown, Sana’a every chance he gets. When he is not shopping at his neighourhood Souks or meeting up with friends for coffee and Qat, he can be found reading his favorite Hemingway book.

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