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On the streets of…Rome, Italy

Rome Street Style!

Rome Street Style!



Rome Street Style: Exposed !


By: Danielle Taheny

Rome, Italy


I wrinkle my nose, at the tickle of a soft fur stole, elegantly draped across the shoulders, of the heavily perfumed lady, I am jammed into. Any closer and we could be mistaken for Siamese Twins. Sharing our airspace is a tall, sallow, skinned man, in a crisp Burberry trench and sharp Ray Ban sunglasses. His collar is upturned, flashing that unmissable British print. Glancing downwards I spot a pair of of pointy, leopard, kitten heels, peeking out from an ankle length, camel coat. I can’t seem to find the owner, in the sea of faces, but I definitely couldn’t miss her shoes!


For me, the metro is a good example, of a place to find Rome’s street style. It is not like Milan, where most of the people are on-trend and immaculately groomed, on a daily basis. Rome offers an unexpected view of fashion. On any given day, you can really find a mixed bag of fashion delights!








You have the tourists, booted up in comfortable walking shoes and armed with heavy cameras, excitedly chattering about which ruin to visit first. There are the Roman workers, fuelled on litres of fine Italian espresso and strong cigarettes. And one of my favourites, is the older Signora (Lady), weighed down by all of the jewellery she owns, leaving a trail with her musky perfume, in her tailored two piece.

The pictures  I have chosen for this piece represent the assorted style you can find in the Eternal city. From the young hipster girls, to the eager tourists and the unexpected Romans!


Until next time,

Arrivederci !


Photography also by Danielle Taheny


*Danielle is an Irish Fashion Blogger of Hunting in Heels (www.huntinginheels.blogspot.com). She is forever on the move,but this time she finds herself back in Rome, after experiences in Australia, Los Angeles and Scotland. Her current ambition is to prove that Rome, has got just as much to offer, as it’s over-publicised, northern rival, Milan !

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