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On the streets of…Osaka, Japan


Layers of loveliness

Layers of loveliness


Cherry Blossom Chic I ! 

Fashionistas: Tis the season to break out the spring vibes and let your inner rainbow shine. It’s such a gorgeous way of bringing in the new season of rejuvenation, so we present to you our Cherry Blossom Global Street Style Edition!


Location: Osaka, Japan


Secret: Smiling comfort. When hitting the concrete jungle even under the colourful swath of cherry blossoms, you’ve got to be sure that you’re ready for any change of season even in one day. Layers delivers such purpose. And of course a smile always completes any outfit.


Breakdown: These lovely ladies seen out and about make sure that they keep their style on point, even when running errands. With their shopping bags in tow, the brilliant Spring day is embraced with layers, a super cute blazer and punch of colour with the lavender cardigan. And look down…way down. Both are sporting the cutest pairs of moccasin-inspired shoes. A touch of plush always keeps you cozy.



Punk meets pink

Punk meets pink


Cherry Blossom Chic II ! 


Location: Osaka, Japan


Fashionistas: Punk meets pink.


Secret: The Spring couture rule-book is so passé.  So if you are going to go for it, go the distance in colour, style and out-and-out fabulousness. And when the Cherry Blossoms are in full force, why not match it with your own dose of pink.


Breakdown: When  it comes to grooving to your own stylish beat, you can take a few cues from this couple. We aren’t quite sure if they are en route to a party but I bet my bottom dollar that they aren’t.  The gent is sporting a mask (which actually is a pretty common thing in Japan), while he gives off a not-to-be-missed punk vibe with his pink streaked hair, chain choker and his T-shirt and cardigan set — giving the basic back a unique turn. Note his carefully curated nail polish, alternating between red and black. His girl in the meantime, pays homage to Little Bo Peep as she awashes herself in cherry blossom-matching frills topped off with a bonnet, with matching pink wig and of course her umbrella. Because really — if you are going to go for it, go the fashionable distance. Tis the season after all!




Photography by Cam May

Written by Hina P. Ansari



*Cam is recent photography graduate from New Zealand  who is currently living in Osaka Japan. He is busy soaking up the everyday Japanese city lifestyle buoyed by his love for street photography.  You will always find him attached to his rangefinder. You can check out more of his photos on his flickr site at http://www.flickr.com/photos/cammayphotography/



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