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On the streets of…Manhattan, New York


Simona & Marco

Simona & Marco



Rock’n'Roll Revolution

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We have a special Q&A about personal style with this stylish couple who just moved to Manhattan direct from Bari, Italy. Marco is an art director, stylist and photographer. Simona is a PR & events manager and founder of blog “Venus Doll House”. This fashion loving couple runs a PR & Events company.


Q&A with Simona & Marco:



So, you were born and raised in the not-so-influential town of Bari, Italy… what brought you to Manhattan?


We were born in Bari, in the south of Italy, ever since we met it’s been an explosion of feelings and common passions for art, fashion and events, which has made us strong and brave to face a new challenge: to found a PR & Events  company by ourselves and face the harsh world of fashion, without having any important contacts who could help us and not even a lot of money!



Sounds courageous! So you only left Bari after the company kicked off?


That’s right.  In the beginning all we had was a passion and the desire to win. The company, “Rich Cat Events”, actually began in 2010 in the very same place we were born. First, we were working for shops in town: inaugurations, fashion shows, parties, events… always related to fashion or art. And for one and a half year that was our playing field.









And now you are playing in Manhattan!


I would say so. As we became well-known in the barese scene, we thought: “why not aim somewhere bigger?” And so we threw ourselves into the adventure of coming to NY, facing difficulties and making sacrifices sometimes. But the one thing we always held on to was fashion.



And how has Manhattan been treating you so far?


So far so good. It’s never very easy to find your way in such a big and competitive city, but what we have is a solid company, with a lot of background in only 2 years and the fashion scene seems to acknowledge that. The most important is that we are very united and we love what we do.



… and I guess your style and dramatic looks in fashion shows don’t let you pass unnoticed…


Hahaha, more or less like that. We always end up finding our space in fashion shows and events. That, of course, opens opportunities for our company. Our strongest suit is to unite art and entertainment in actual content and not just empty fashion. We are not necessarily trendy, but we always try to hold on to the style that reflects our personalities. That is the real key into the fashion world.
















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