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On the streets of…Leicester, England

Global Street Style: Fallin' by Shriya Pancholi from Leicester England

Global Street Style: Fallin' by Shriya Pancholi




Fashionista: Shriya Pancholi


Location: Leicester, England


Breakdown: In this photo, I’m wearing an emerald green velvet skirt, maroon jumper, vintage denim jacket and black lace-up patent shoes. The outfit is completed with a pair of black frilly socks, tartan scarf, brown leather rucksack and a small vintage black and gold watch.


Secret: This is an easy, yet stylish day outfit. It works perfectly with the A/W 14 theme and features clashes of textures, colours and styles. My denim jacket is one of my favourite pieces of clothing. It will never go out of fashion, and it works well with most outfits. The scarf adds a touch of colour to the outfit and sets it apart from a summer outfit. Tartan is really in for A/W 14, so look around for scarves and tops that feature the design.


Dark, rustic colours and patterns are all the range for A/W 14, so make sure you’re stocking up on the maroons, blacks and browns and anything else that looks good! Accessories are another way to make your outfit go that little bit further. They add copious amounts of personality and help to make your outfit your own. Invest some money in scarves, bags and shoes, because it will pay off!


Photography by Kish Pancholi


*Shriya is currently a journalism undergraduate based in Leicester, England. An aspiring fashion journalist, overly obsessed grammar freak and photography extraordinaire. She’s looking to pursue my wildest dreams, live a little and move to a big city to work for a fashion magazine. Follow Shriya on Twitter: @ShriyaPancholi; on Facebook and on Instagram (shriyapancholi).  Check out some of her work at: http://foreverlostintransition.tumblr.com.


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