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On the streets of…Leicester, England


Office Chic Street style by Shriya Pancholi

Office Chic



Office Chic



Fashionista: Shriya Pancholi



Location: Leicester, England



Breakdown: In this photo, I’m wearing black tapered trousers with short split sides, a striped white and blue blouse and black and gold high heels. The outfit is completed with a gold Michael Kors watch, patent black belt, suede and leather handbag, a cream double-breasted mac and a vintage blue pearl necklace.



Secret: This is a great look for the office or any smart workplace. Not only does it look stylish, yet it is extremely comfortable to wear (yes, even the heels are comfortable!). The best way to get more out of your clothes is to create a capsule wardrobe. I will wear the same pair of trousers twice in one week, but I will change the top/shirt in order to create a totally new look. Accessories are a great way to really create a statement outfit. Add different types of jewellery and accessories to change your style and create more of a classic look. Bags and handbags are another thing that can change the look of your outfit; going for something bold will clash with your clothes, making it stand out.


This outfit ties in well with the theme for autumn/winter 2013 – which is pastels on darks. My trousers work as the base colour and my blouse and jacket fit within the pastel colour palette, making my outfit perfect for the coming season. Experiment by using dark colours on the bottom and light shades on the top, or the opposite way round.



Photography by Kish Pancholi


*Shriya is currently a journalism undergraduate based in Leicester, England. An aspiring fashion journalist, overly obsessed grammar freak and photography extraordinaire. She’s looking to pursue my wildest dreams, live a little and move to a big city to work for a fashion magazine. Follow Shriya on Twitter: @ShriyaPancholi; on Facebook and on Instagram (shriyapancholi).  Check out some of her work at: http://foreverlostintransition.tumblr.com.



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