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On the streets of… Leicester, England


Kish's Summer Swag

Kish's Summer Swag



Summer Swag


Fashionister: Kish Pancholi


Location: Leicester, England


Breakdown: In this photo, Kish is wearing skinny blue jeans, an Aztec print shirt and a pair of grey Vans. The outfit is finished off with a pair of Union Jack socks, plastic sunglasses and an Aztec backpack. All of the clothing items in the photo are from Topman.


Secret: During the Spring/Summer seasons, venture out of your comfort zone and wear bright, bold patterns. Aztec prints have been around for a long time and one of the most common items for men is a shirt. A standard pair of jeans, a shirt and a pair of Vans can make for a great day time outfit, to keep it looking casual yet funky.


By: Shriya Pancholi

Photography by: Shriya Pancholi


*Shriya is currently a journalism undergraduate based in Leicester, England. An aspiring fashion journalist, overly obsessed grammar freak and photography extraordinaire. She’s looking to pursue my wildest dreams, live a little and move to a big city to work for a fashion magazine. Follow Shriya on Twitter: @ShriyaPancholi; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shriyapancholiCheck out some of her work at: http://foreverlostintransition.tumblr.com.

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