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On the streets of…Johannesburg, South Africa


Pretty in Pink!

Pretty in Pink!


Pretty in Pink!

Pretty in Pink!



Honour Roll.


Location: Lebogang from Johannesburg, South Africa


Fashionista: Student of Style.


Breakdown: We love Lebogang’s simplicity when it comes to eye-catching style. This super cute fashionista has it all down to a science with her crisp white sleeveless blouse and the hot pink flared skirt all tied together by a fabulous thin white belt. And don’t let the pearled collar stop you, if you want some silver decadence and that extra sparkle for the sun. Go for it as she does here, with a silver necklace and fabulous bangles. And the sandals! Gosh, we can’t even stop talking about them. The fantastic vintage inspired sunglasses? I know. I know. We adore it all!


Secret: Sometimes it’s all about being fashionably strategic when you want to make a statement. Solid colours can create more of an impact when combined with complimentary shades. So neither is fighting for the spotlight. Here they all are perfectly balanced, earning Lebogang a fashion A+ for this student of style.



Photography by Jesica Colbyn

Written by Hina P. Ansari 

*Jesica is a 20 something from Johannesburg South Africa with a passion for fashion and a heart for style. Imagination is a space in which she creates, dreams, play and when lucky – live. Fashion is an integral part of who she is. A silent voice in expression.

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