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On the streets of…Jerusalem, Israel


Jerusalem's fashion-conscious soldier

Jerusalem's fashion-conscious soldier


In Israel, There is a growing trend of 80′s high pants and short-shorts, a combination of new meets old.


Who: One of Israel’s many fashion-conscious soldiers.


Location: Ben-Yehuda Jerusalem, Israel.


Secret: After figuring things out in the 50′s and 60′s, some things in Israel’s fashion scene won’t ever change! The 70′s and the 80′s were all about new styles and breaking down walls.


Breakdown: A simple haircut accompanied by not-too-flashy 50′s style shades, a simple undershirt and spotted blouse topped with an all-too-modern long sleeve. Throw in the navel shorts and an era-matching watch and you’ve got yourself the perfect spring outfit to see Jerusalem!


By:  Aaron Chartier


*Aaron is a Jerusalem-based student who photographs in the architectural, event and scenic realms. When he’s not busy capturing key moments from his neighbourhood he is busy working on his hobby website at www.artier.us. 

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