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On The Streets of…Istanbul, Turkey — Winter Edition


Bundling up Istanbul Style

Bundling up Istanbul Style


Istanbul Style Watch – Hats and Scarves


By: Alba Brunetti

Istanbul, Turkey


The history of Turkey is written in hats and scarves. Fezzes are out, said Atatürk, ushering in the modern-day Republic and jaunty hats for men, women and children. We’re still discussing scarves here, but suffice it to say, whatever your take, style is pretty high up on the list.


The cold weather hasn’t really taken hold, but on the first few nippy nights people have taken out their hats and scarves and were confronting the cold with Istanbul panache.


Winter in Istanbul with stylish toques.

Cute Toques


Because, hey, we got to keep warm and there is not just one way to do it. Hats are totally in and we’re taking them out onto the street to keep us cozy and looking good. Hats in the ‘bul tend to be on the slouchy side overall, but that doesn’t rule out fun and pom poms and more fun.


In Istanbul, Turkey keeping warm this winter with a fun hat!

Have fun up top with this great hat!


Historically hats were often a key fashion statement.

Historically, hats were often a key fashion statement. Here the first president of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk sports a warm and stylish addition to his overall ensemble.



This season’s “it” scarf is actually a loop of knitted fabric twisted twice (or sometimes, three times) around the neck. It’s worn by both women and men. And even if you don’t have the “it” scarf, the rule to follow is volume. Scarves need to have volume.


Don't be afraid to really bundle up!

Don’t be afraid to really bundle up!


Thick knits wrapped around the neck are toasty warm and sexy hot. We really don’t care if it isn’t all that cold – scarves are the statement accessory of the season. Layer them up for even more volume. Wrap them around to draw the eye up to your adorable face. Scarves are happening. Don’t think it’s just for the youngsters, everyone is doing it.


So wrap it, cap it and keep it warm with style the Istanbul way.



Photography by Alba Brunetti 

*Alba Brunetti was born in Italy, grew up in New York City and now calls Istanbul home. She loves finding the next beautiful thing in fashion and letting you know about it. Check out her blog: The Bluest Ihttp://thebluesti.blogspot.com/ and you can find her on Twitter: @AlbaBrunetti

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