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On the streets of…Berlin, Germany

Dark Knight

This Dark Knight



Fashionister: This Dark Knight.


Location: Berlin, Germany


Breakdown: Unlike many other parts of the US and Canada, Berlin is spared from the heatwave. Here we have a cool Berliner enjoying a wolkig (cloudy) and rainy evening hence this smart attire being donned for this one’s night out. Notice the cape-like cut and the very impressive cuffs popping through underneath. Solid colours confidently worn, creating a visual worthy of of the stage or screen. And yes, if you have noted in our past Berlin street styles, the shoes always come out on top. In this case, it’s the funky soled fucshia and leopard printed loafers.



Secret: Monochromatic minimalism. This gentleman took his love for this hue-of-the-night,  to a whole other ethereal level with his immaculate painted nails (why, in black of course!) and cool kicks!


Photography by Maribel Carvajal-Vallejos

Written by Hina P. Ansari  



*Maribel  is a journalist, currently based in Berlin. Her works are linked symbiotically: music, politics and fashion.



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