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On the streets of…Berlin, Germany


Teen Spirit x 3

Teen Spirit Trifecta


Teen Spirit Trifecta


Fashionisters: These groovy teens!


Location: Berlin, Germany


Secret: Colour! Colour! Colour! The cool-factor is definitely worth noting as these three cuties  keep their sporty cool in check while elevating it at the same time with a preppy v-neck sweater, colourful denim shorts, plad and skinny jeans. Each one displaying their own sense of style without feeling the need to be fashion victims.  Oh and headphones. Definitely a must-have!


Breakdown: These kids were hanging around the festival “Karneval der Kulturen” doing what boys do, play football and just hanging. But of course their leisurely style must be noticed as they add their certain urban flair that’s epitomizes European style. Teen spirit is in full force!


Photography by Maribel Carvajal-Vallejos

Written by Hina P. Ansari 




*Maribel  is a journalist, currently based in Berlin. Her works are linked symbiotically: music, politics and fashion.

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