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On the streets of…Berlin, Germany

Designer Frau Neppl

Designer Frau Neppl





Fashionista: “Frau Neppl”


Location: Berlin, Germany


Secret: This Berlin-based designer  www.neppl.me whose design tagline is “Surgery to Wear” shows you the level of rogue she has in her style.  From this photo she clearly is not one to fall victim to trends but takes a maverick-like approach and knows what works for her.


Breakdown: Her rockin’ dreads pulled up into what seems like two (or three) ponytails, secured by a pair of googles placed at the top of her head sets the tone. Which is then punctuated by the layered approach to style with her black underpinning peeking through the top of her turquoise blue & black cowboy-esque piping shirt and topped off by the gorgeous lavender blazer. And she ditches the oh-so-predictable denim to finish this look off: instead opting for a fusion take with her pair of Turkish pants. Fashion is elevated off the charts.



Photography by Maribel Carvajal-Vallejos

Written by Hina P. Ansari  



*Maribel  is a journalist, currently based in Berlin. Her works are linked symbiotically: music, politics and fashion.









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