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On the streets of…Berlin, Germany




The fashionable ladies of Berlin

The fashionable ladies of Berlin



All wrapped up!


Fashionistas: The smart set of Berlin.


Location: In chic district of  Zreuzberg, we find these ladies showcasing their styles by their outerwear.


Secret: Make sure that your fashion statement is comprised of equal parts of warmth and style.


Breakdown: From gorgeous cashmere shawls to  super long and luxurious camel wool coats, style comes in many forms.  If you are the winter purist and black is your staple, then mix it up by going structured with a double breasted topper or give your overall winter presence a twist by adding a great warm scarf.  All perfect way to signal the end of winter by giving the long season a stylish send-off!

Photography by Maribel Carvajal-Vallejos

Written by Hina P. Ansari  



*Maribel  is a journalist, currently based in Berlin. Her works are linked symbiotically: music, politics and fashion.

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