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On the streets of…Beirut, Lebanon


Dalia's fabulous swing coat

Dalia's fabulous swing coat


Its pretty in pink!


Fashionista: Dalia Khalifeh / Studying Interior Architecture at Lebanese American University


Location: Beirut, Lebanon


Secret: A perk to living in Lebanon is the ability to travel between seasons within minimal time. The mountains boast a relatively low Celsius, a safe heaven from the blazing sun. Dalia relishes in winter clothes because apparently they give you more freedom to be creative. Chaos is her secret. A lack of procedure with a  touch of insanity create a character that change her outlook from day to day.


Breakdown: She’s not usually so classy but had a strange need to match her outfit to the leather gloves she “borrowed” from her mom. And you’ve gotta love her matching pink ballet flats. When asked where she shops, she responds that she doesn’t. She merely concocts a style from her sister and mother’s clothes — a style that they would have never dreamed up.


Talk about pretty in pink! That’s my best friend right there. It gets a little hard to keep up with her.


By Bana Bissat


*When Bana isn’t hitting the books at the American University of Beirut, she is always seen with her handy Canon looking to capture unique styles on the streets of Beirut. You can read her thoughts at http://bananapook.blogspot.com

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