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On the streets of…Accra, Ghana

Afua Smith at Ghana Fashion & Design Week

Afua mixes it up!



A Tale of Two Styles 


Fashionista #1: Afua


Location: At Ghana Fashion & Design Week in Accra, Ghana


Secret: Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Of course the natural inclination when wearing such a showstopping skirt is to keep it simple up top. However if done right (as you see here), you can easily introduce another pattern and really add to your style from head-to-toe.


Breakdown: This fashionista who was one of the many who took in the runway collections during the recently held, Ghana Fashion & Design Week proved that style isn’t always relegated to the runway. Sporting a super cute pleated organiza/chiffon red skirt, black tank and fantastic naval-inspired striped blazer, Afua gave colour and stripes a brilliant combination.




Andrea at Ghana Fashion & Design Week

Andrea sparkles and shines!



Fashionista #2: Andrea


Location: Ghana Fashion & Design Week, in Accra Ghana


Secret: Colour and texture can mix if done right. Sequins shines thanks to the  topper being a clean silhouette and colour. The pops of colour in the accessories adds that playfulness and works well in this entire ensemble.


Breakdown: When you got strong points why not show them off? Got legs for miles? Well then give them the spotlight as Andrea has done, with her super cute sequinned shorts, balanced with a soft white blouse relaxed by their rolled upped sleeves and yes, she’s wearing a bow tie! How fab! And colour? Sure go for the unexpected and make a statement with a hue designed to turn heads. In Andrea’s case she opted for a tropical (of course!) lemon yellow platform laced up heels which of course coincidentally (or maybe not so-by-accident) matches her practically fabulous cross-body handbag.



Photography by Francesca Andoh



*Francesca is an art loving, styling obsessed, fashion lover who roams the streets of Ghana always looking for the next fashionable inspiration. Check out her thoughts at www.francescaandoh.blogspot.com 

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