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City Style Snapshot: Sana’a

Altstadt von Sanaa

Centuries of cultural and religious dedication dictates the style sense of those living in this historical city.   By: Nabil abdul whab Ibrahim   Yemen’s fashion sense is derived from a combination of historic Arab tradition mixed with modern textiles. The style that most men don in the old city, consists of the

On the streets of…Sana’a, Yemen

The Everyday Man

(slideshow) The streets of Sana’a brim with treasures. Sure, the markets boast great finds, but a casual glance reveals a stunning ensemble of style donned by locals on a regular day.   Who: The Everyday Man   Location: Sana’a, Yemen   Secret: Keeping cultural accessories in the forefront. The Yemeni identity is intact.   Breakdown:...

On the streets of…Sana’a, Yemen


The Grooms of Yemen (slideshow)     In Sana’a,  grooms cloak themselves in endless layers of tradition, colour and history. Majesty is in the grandest scale.   Who: The grooms and their own fashionable presence.   Location: Sana’a Yemen   Secret: It’s all about culture. When the big day comes to tie the knot, the grooms...