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Global Designer Spotlight: Visentini from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week

Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week



An artistic philosophy. 


By: Hina P. Ansari



Growing up in a family filled with artists, its no wonder that Buenos Aires designer, Agustina Visentini decided to explore the visual world first by picking up a paintbrush as a child to learning the art of the seam as a teen. It was during her schooling at the University of Buenos Aires where she came upon a hat shop which inspired her to first delve into the world of fashion by exploring the millinery world.  Now fresh from showing her label Visentini at Buenos Aires Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013, Agustina had a chance to sit down and chat with us about the art of business, the connection of philosophy and fashion and promise of the new guard of fashion designers in Argentina. *Check our favourites from Buenos Aires Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013 here!*



Designer, Augustina Visentini

Designer, Augustina Visentini




What made you decide to get into the fashion business?


In my family there were many artists. My grandmother (from my mom) was singing soprano, my great-grandfather (from my dad) was a painter; my grandmother a dressmaker and my father who is a sculptor and plastic surgeon. On the terrace of my house there is a garret, where my father works his pieces since I was very small. With him on several occasions in which he taught me about form and proportion, in fact I made several works with clay beside him. As I got older, I began to paint with watercolor pencils and came to market several works. In my teens, I started to take a liking to the seam, and my grandmother taught and helped me. Then I went to study fashion design at the University of Buenos Aires, also started IUNA fine arts, but I quit because it both demanded a long time, as I started my project (VISENTINI) while studying, then did not have much free time.



How did the partnership begin?


The idea of ??having a brand started in 2007, while I was a student and worked with my father. I was walking down the street Suipacha (in the center of town) and I passed a hat boutique. This inspired me to design hats, although I knew nothing about it, I began to research until I came across Maria Elisa, a renowned milliner of 90 years. She had worked all her life,  and indeed, I  kept going. She taught me a lot, not only about clothing but also on trade and, why not, about life. In my first collection of hats I designed 8 pieces she drew up for me and together 14 pieces of tailoring.


Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week

Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week



Who inspired you When you were just starting out?


I was a fanatic of the twentieth century. The photographs, memories and smell of the past called my attention. I always believed that understanding the past you could get along with the present and look to the future. Who inspired me? Dozens of people: Picasso, Dali, Mondrian, Gloria Swanson, Hitchcock, Fellini, Chaplin, Polanski, Jean Cocteau, Duchamp, Elsa Schiaparelli, Coco Chanel, Balenciaga, Courreges, Stravinsky, rock and roll, The Clash, Pulp, Blur, Joy Division, New Order, The Smiths, and millions more artists …



Who inspires you now? 


I am inspired by anyone who has passion for what they do. Anyone who does not give up on their dreams. Anyone looking for perfection at their highest level. Whatever that drives and do not stop. All for  love and life. I am inspired by determined people whose personality and character [is not made to] achieve their goals. And above all, those things inspire me [because] in bad times it is [seeing these people who] have more strength to continue.


Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week

Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week



Share your sources of inspiration changed in any way?


Sources of inspiration are constantly changing. For my part, if delivery of facts which transcend my life, psychological and individually analyze them to take the most general level. Consider whatever is impacting me as a person is because there is also another fact which affects socially. It’s all a mass that is set as a whole. I love philosophy and I think it is very related to this analysis prior to the design I do.


So I venture to say that everything happens, because we, the people, come into this world to learn many things. I think the most important lesson to learn is to know ourselves and live with it in harmony to society.


Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week

Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week



What part of the day best inspires you?


I love the morning, but does not mean that is the day that most inspires me. Although, the inspiration is all in a moment, it does not mean that this moment has to be always the same.It is changing and mutating.



What is the story board / inspiration behind your latest collection for Autumn / Winter 2013? And “Cyclothymia” is such an interesting name. 


“Cyclothymia” is a cycle in the mood (Greek: kyklos = circle and thymos = mood). In my case, the concept was used not only in relation to a personal experience, but also the socio-cultural context of the changes which are exaggerated, extreme and continuous and we experience them daily. To understand, “socio-cultural” I mean not only the physical space but also the symbolic created by specific circumstances, such as  politics to relationships that we experience daily, from our homes to the street.


This analysis helped me understand a lot more about the social and allowed me to negotiate a balance between art, fashion and everyday, designing. In this way, a collection much more urban, wearable, comfortable, modern and why not, different.


Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week

Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week


Love the color palette of your current collection. Also the silhouette exudes a modern cosmopolitan vibe. Is this correct?


It is correct. I decided, that in this collection, there be an  explosion of color and put together a color palette quite open. “Cyclothymia”(the name of the collection), is this change of mood which helped me to use this wide range and, above all,  the combination of opposite colors, monochromes and textures.



What makes the fashion scene in Buenos Aires so unique?


I think the wave of new emerging designers helped a new design scene  in Buenos Aires. It began with famous designers such as Paul Ramirez, Cora Groppo, Mariana Dappiano, etc. It’s a good opportunity for local designers who become known not only nationally but also internationally. In Argentina there is so much talent and it’s good to be displayed and promoted.



How does (if it does) the fashion consumer Argentinian from Buenos Aires differ from other consumers?


It depends on each consumer. There is a group of people looking to design and differentiate from this point. It is to those people who I offer my product.


Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week

Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week



What makes the Argentinian woman / man unique?

Everything. Absolutely all people are unique and unrepeatable, whatever their race or nationality they are. What sets the Argentine other is that perhaps dare not therefore issue I would change …



How does social media play a part in your overall branding?


The media and communication are very important for any brand positioning. Branding is the design language of the brand communication to achieve this position and to, achieve also a specific image and Visentini does this for sure.



What advice would you give to up-and-coming designers and design students who are interested in this career path?


I would advise them to be true to your dreams and persevere to achieve them. Rome was not built in a day, neither was completing a race.


Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week

Visentini Fall/Winter 2013 at Buenos Aires Fashion Week



What is the best advice you’ve received and still treasure today?


Enjoy the moment.


You can connect with the designer in the Following ways:


Facebook.com / visentinicom

www.behance.com / Visentini



Photography of Augustina Visentini by designer; runway photography courtesy of Buenos Aires Fashion Week 


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