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Global Designer Spotlight: Vilnius

Severija's applies her talents to a car door

Severija applies her embroidery talents to a car door



Embroidery Boom! 


By: Deniss Zelenkov

Riga Latvia




Lithuanian artist Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene  blows our mind with “ethnic kitsch” and introduces her textile version of peculiar “tuning“ as unconventional yet functional design.


Severija’s works mostly involve cross-stitching and embroidery on metal objects (can you imagine?) from plates, pans, cans and spoons to car exterior. Aprart from questioning the traditional hierarchy of art and standardised forms of beauty, she invents witty and very clever concept (metaltextilism).


Severija says, “I have already been exploring ethnic traditions and what influence they have had on contemporary Lithuanian textile artists for two years. This topic is interesting in terms of both the theoretical and practical aspects, as I have been analyzing how various Lithuanian textile artists interpret ethnographic topics and at the same time, myself creating textiles pieces related to the topic.”


Lithuanian artist Severija In?irauskait?-Kriaunevi?ien?

Lithuanian artist Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene


What role does “ethic kitsch” play in your work?


I use fragments of popular culture, the so-called kitsch, in my art. When they appear in a new context (losing their clearly negative content), like some kind of ‘quotations,’ they help to create works that reveal my personal experience.


Fabulous watering cans

Fabulous watering cans



What you do you pay attention to, while creating artwork objects?


I pay a lot of attention to a phenomenon I call ‘mass commercialization’ – ethnic cultural elements re-made into rather primitive and very easily understandable “products” that I call “ethnic kitsch”. However, to some extent, they become like reference points in my own textile works. But my goal is not “commercialization” as such, but a kind of interpretation of the vulgarized ethnic forms and their re-transformation into professional pieces of art using modern textile technologies and individual artistic language.



Cool spade

Cool spade




What things inspire you the most? Do these things actually help unleashing your inner creativity?


A banal understanding of beauty and utilitarian things: these are the objects that interest me and inspire creation. I consider such things valuable at least because they are a part of our life and sincere.

P.S They certainly do!



A close up look at how she blends embroidery with her metallic subjects

A close up look at how she blends embroidery with her metallic subjects



What do the “Way of Roses” (2007) series stand for? If possible describe their style and subject-matter.


In terms of a subject matter “Way of Roses” is an expression about successful life. However I read it literally, eliminating figurative positive meaning from this phrase. Embroidered cars (Volkswagen Polo, Honda Civic) rather tell us about dangers facing on the road which are reminded to us by silent flower wreaths often standing by the roadside. (Our country has a tradition of placing plastic flowers where the accident took place).



Strich & Faden Exhibition: "Way of Roses"

Strich & Faden Exhibition: "Way of Roses"



Moreover, this is a perfect way how woman can decorate her car (way too feminine style). It differs from widespread, commonly projecting an aggressive men’s autotuning image.



Close up the car door

Close up look at the embroidery work


A Honda Civic getting the embroidered treatment

A Honda Civic getting the embroidered treatment




Have you ever considered knitting, cross stitching and embroidery to be a hobby for retirees? Why do you think it has become increasingly popular with a younger generation too?


Retirees? Seriously? For me it’s a brillaint example of a “timeless and ageless hobby!” It’s not just a current trend, (I do hope so), but a whole new cultural movement, which involves more risque designs and authentic styles.



More about Severija’s artistic background and her inspiring work, can be seen at her website, or you can just google her name and see for yourself!


Photography by: severija.Itmrxstitch.comwoordup.com


*Deniss is a freelance writer, and a blogger from Northern Europe. Since 2010, Deniss has been a member of The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors. He has an eccentric curiosity for almost everything and is keen on traveling long distances, delving in social media solutions and languages. Deniss is a self-proclaimed 100% fashion geek. He also writes  for The Social ExpatFashionising.com and  Independent Fashion Bloggers . You can also follow Deniss at Twitter , and Google+ .  

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