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Global Designer Spotlight: Tokyo’s Yasutoshi Ezumi



Yasotoshi Ezumi Fall/Winter 2013-14

Yasutoshi Ezumi Fall/Winter 2013-14



Hailing from Hiroshima, Japan, designer Yasutoshi Ezumi knew fashion was in his destiny. Looking towards the iconic works of Alexander McQueen as his inspiration when starting out, this Central St. Martins graduate, became an assistant working with McQueen. He continued to make his mark by honing his knitwear skills with Aquascutum in London UK. In 2010, Ezumi launched his own collection and direct from his Fall/Winter 2013-14 presentation at Tokyo Fashion Week, he chatted with us about Japan’s state of design and his state of inspiration.




Yasotushi Ezumi

Yasutoshi Ezumi




What made you decide to get into the fashion business?


[My love for] fashion design.



Who inspired you when you were just starting out?


Alexander McQueen



Who inspires you now? 


Logic.  Any elements of each tiny things.



Has your sources of inspiration changed in any way?


It would develop to better way.



Yasotushi Ezumi Fall/Winter 2013-14

Yasutoshi Ezumi Fall/Winter 2013-14



What part of the day best inspires you?


Any moment when I find inspiration.



What is the story board/inspiration behind your latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2013?


‘Anima’ The feminine principle [which is] present in the male [sub]conscious.



I am always interested in spotting hints of the designer’s influences in their collection. I clearly see Alexander McQueen and Acquascutum in this collection. 


It’s true, these brands’ influences are in my background.


Tell us about your time working for McQueen as well as with Acquascutum. What would the most valuable piece of experience/advise did you take away from that time.



McQueen: I was in studio for making collection pieces so I mostly done hand-making work in there. I have gained many inspirations from their detail and quality.


Aquascutum: I was in knit design team, designed for main line knitwear collection, which is more designing work.



Yasotushi Ezumi Fall/Winter 2013-14

Yasutoshi Ezumi Fall/Winter 2013-14



I love the silhouette and the striking use of colour. Solids in strategic placement. Please expand on this specific design detail?


Colour and composition are most basic skill of designing which I have learned in Central St. Martin.


And I just take ideas of each form and colour from base inspiration of theme.


How do you unwind?





What makes the fashion scene in Tokyo so unique?




Desire of superiority complex.



How does (if it does) the Tokyo fashion consumer differ from other consumers?


Trends in Tokyo is a strong influence to people.


People want to mimic popular [trends].


All of this results in high consumer spending along with a higher interest of diversity.


Yasotushi Ezumi Fall/Winter 2013-14

Yasutoshi Ezumi Fall/Winter 2013-14



What are the challenges of the Tokyo fashion scene?


They are challenging every season for new thing [look/trend].


Otherwise Tokyo fashion [would have already] collapsed.



What advice would you give to up-and-coming designers and design students who are interested in following this career path?


Love fashion and [to be able to create] is [the] most important thing.



What is the best advice you’ve received and still treasure today?


Stay hungry, Stay foolish.



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Portrait photography courtesy of Yasutoshi Ezumi, Runway photography courtesy of Tokyo Fashion Week


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