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Global Designer Spotlight: Temper Anthracite from Berlin, Germany


Anthracite fashion line from Berlin Germany



Anthracite: An Unstoppable Force of Fashion.

By: Triston

Berlin, Germany



There’s no rest of the wicked, as the saying goes. That adage could not be more fitting than for Berlin fashion designer Temper and her Anthracite collection. She is a whirlwind of inspiration and it is nearly impossible to keep up with her and her latest offerings. But if you ever have the energy to do so, it is well worth it. As a designer, her pieces leave spectators either speechless… or speaking in tongues.


And that’s just how she likes it.









Temper Anthracite is not one for labels or boxes or containment. From her well-heeled feet to the tattoos adorning her slender physique, not only is she a rare vision but so are the creations that she has almost single-handedly brought en masse to the public. Not only does she design the clothes, but she models and photographs many of the clothes for her website and is the sole creative force behind everything related to Anthracite. Make no mistake: she is the boss through and through.











Anthracite is a brand that has been worn by the bold and avant-garde for quite some time now. Made by a woman, but her collection is bold enough for any man. There’s nothing conventional about her sleek designs and that is by design. To wear her clothes is to make a statement of confidence, intrigue, and mystery.


Welcome to warrior goddess wear.

Welcome to fabulously wicked.

Welcome to Anthracite.









Photography courtesy of  Anthracite

*Triston is a jet-set performance artist, writer and novelist, living between Istanbul and Berlin. You can catch up with Triston on Facebook @TristonNegreaux or on Twitter @ Triston212. And you MUST check out his latest e-book “Heaux Confessionals” now available here: http://www.amazon.com/Heaux-Confessionals-The-Sintroduction-ebook/dp/B00BI35DNW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361327683&sr=8-1&keywords=heaux+confessionals .

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