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Global Designer Spotlight: Sydney


Kim's cool jellyfish-inspired dress

Kim's cool jellyfish-inspired dress


We profile 12th grader designer-to-be, Kim Pena.

By: Aditi Rajgopal

Sydney, Australia


She’s  jelly fishing our socks off!

Kim isn’t your average 12th grader. She’s an amazing textiles student, who designed jellyfish-inspired dresses. We sit down and chat with this future design diva.


What inspired you to design your dress?

I was inspired by the Great Barrier Reef and the organisms that live within it, but more specifically the variety of jellyfish. I got inspired by looking at various images of the reef and beach related pictures. Like the white sand, beach sunset, red from the coral, pattern on the spotted crabs.


What is your personal style like?

I am a bubbly person who likes really cute and quirky things. At times I can be really girly, I love flowery dresses and cardigans. However other times I just wear jeans and a shirt.


What are your future plans?

At the moment I’m aspiring to be a dentist! I’ll still continue with textiles and sewing… but in my spare time. Designing and textiles will probably turn out to be a hobby within my life. However, my mum says I could open a small business for the dresses I make — so that could be a possibility for the future! [Smiles].


Do you go anywhere particular for inspiration?

Normally if an idea just ‘pops’ up in my head, I would go on Google or Tumblr and just search for any pictures related to my idea. By searching online I see such a wide range of pictures which expands my thoughts and ideas on the possibilities of more designs. Sometimes I flick through some magazines like Vogue to look at their designs too.


What is your favourite colour?

I love the colour pink!


Photography by Aditi Rajgopal 



*Aditi loves music, writing and taking pictures. She’s currently a student in Sydney and a shopaholic! When she’s not locked up in her room strumming her guitar, she is usually hitting the local shops. For more of her musings from Down Under go to her blog http://guitarsandcameras.tumblr.com/


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