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Global Designer Spotlight: Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg, South Africa

Dapper style by Swede & CROWE

Dapper style by Swede & CROWE


Sole to Soul. 


By: Jesica Colbyn

Johannesburg, South Africa


I am a lover of all things OTT so, when I came across Swede & CROWE my wallet was blown away. No like, I seriously need a collection of these awesome, futuristic concepts and great quality production of shoes. This is the reason why I love the sciences of appearance —  the influence it has over human beings; the power to transform even a subject’s inner core or wellbeing.

As odd as it may be, I find myself wordless. But I am going to shut-up now and let the duo introduce themselves….“it’s the big bang that happened when a red bearded drummer who has a fascination for street wear,” man who has the blood of the original milliner running through his veins, decided to stick it to the man & answer the calling to create something that is not only super awesome but damn straight BADASS* – no it’s not a unicorn but a headwear brand. POW! Thumbs Up!

So I chatted with Dale Stephen Strime, the creative director and founder of this groovy brand  who shares with us his soulful philosophy of whimsical, stand out fashion for the feet.


Dale Stephen Strime photography by Mike Bell Photography

Dale Stephen Strime photography by Mike Bell Photography


Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg, South Africa

The very first cap designed by Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg, South Africa


Tell us about yourself and your brand?

Hey, my name is Dale Stephen Strime and I am the creative director and founder of local streetwear brand Swede & CROWE. We are a brand that concentrates on creating super duper badass headwear and footwear. Thumbs UP!


I love the name of your label –How did it come about?

It’s a pretty rad story. When searching for the name of the brand, there were three main criteria that needed to be fulfilled.

  1. It had to be cryptic & mysterious
  2. It had to be stylish & catchy
  3. It had to be sentimental but have a personality of its own.

So with those three criteria needing to be met, we looked long and hard in the mirror, saw a Swedish Viking & a crow, put them together and what do you get?! Swede & CROWE- — KaPoW!


 Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg, South Africa

Swede & CROWE


Cross-pollination between a drummer and milliner, would you say being from different backgrounds fuels your creative process?

I like to believe that when different fields of creativity come and mix together magic happens. Every one sees things in different ways and it makes for interesting methods of getting things done. I believe Its important to be influenced by all forms of creativity, not just sticking to what you know. So yes, indeed it does fuel the creative process.


Your style of shoes have a particular look and feel, some people, may not gravitate towards it, what makes you keep doing what you do?

You have to be true to yourself. As a designer you are putting your heart and soul out there and if people are going to judge you on your creations, you have be to proud of the work you do. So honesty. I will always be true to myself through the designs I do.


 Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg, South Africa

TugBoat ‘n’ Tan Brogue Shoes by Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg, South Africa


 Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg, South Africa

Baby Blue for women by Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg, South Africa



What are your most memorable shoes?

The first pair I ever made, which was the Japanese Blossom print Derby shoe. And my favourite pair is the Tugboat and Tan Brogue boot. Definitely those two.


Tug Boat shoes by Swede & CROWE

TugBoat shoes by Swede & CROWE


Unicorns and The Cat In The Hat can sit this one out. If your brand could take form of a non-fictional character, who would it be and why?

Hmmmm, ummmm, James Franco.


Do you have anyone in particular whom you’d love to work with?

Hells yes. Local photographers & artists Chris Saunders, Anthony Mbila, MJ Turpin and the guys from I See A Different You and str.crd. These guys kick so much ass and are doing our country real proud. Love their work.


What are your criteria for well-constructed and well-designed shoes?

They have to be awesome looking, sleek in style, totally badass, stand out as a key piece in your outfit and be comfortable.


 Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg South Africa

Toile De Jouy jogger pant and button-up twins set, from Swede & CROWE’s F/W 2014 line


Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg South Africa

Tropical Floral Derby for women by Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg South Africa


Swede & CROWE

Swede & CROWE



What projects do you have planned for the future?

I’m working on some apparel designs, mainly jackets and some awesome jogger/pants. I got my sneakers coming out beginning next year, and a some new headwear silohuttes. So some realy interesting things happening.


What is your vision for future collaborations between Africa and the global fashion industry?

I think African brands are receiving amazing tred/interest from the overseas market. Its really exciting to see the designs that are coming out and its really wicked that the International market is starting to look at us all and paying us some long overdue attention.


How do you market your brand and make sure it’s accessible to a global market?

Social media platforms are the greatest ways to market yourself internationally. We are gigantic fans of Instagram and facebook which have allowed us the opportunity to showcase our brand on an international level. Also trade shows like str.crd are a great platform.


Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg, South Africa

Swede & CROWE from Johannesburg, South Africa




Where can we find your designs?

In the best stores nationwide, and online.



  • Prime Store
  • Dapper Streetwear
  • Parooz
  • Dip Street Store
  • Stache
  • Orkini’s
  • Sportscene



  • The Lot
  • Henry
  • Hello Again
  • Boaston Society
  • Babbettes



  • RVCA Stores
  • Sportscene




Just pop us a visit to our Tumblr,  Facebook page and Instagram account. We love to chat to you all so come on over.


Photography courtesy of Swede & CROWE


*Jesica is a 20 something from Johannesburg South Africa with a passion for fashion and a heart for style. Imagination is a space in which she creates, dreams, play and when lucky – live. Fashion is an integral part of who she is. A silent voice in expression.

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