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Global Designer Spotlight: Shanghai


Flying Scissors Moonlight Crossbody shoulder bag in electric pink

Flying Scissors Moonlight Crossbody shoulder bag in electric pink



Flying Scissors, a modern Chinese brand offering stylish leather accessories with a rock chic edge.


By Sophie Lloyd

Buenos Aires, Argentina


When you think of leather shopping in China, the first thing that probably comes to mind is fake Louis Vuitton and Mulberry handbags, and you’d be right. But there is one brand that should be on your fashion radar: Flying Scissors, a homegrown Chinese leather accessories brand based in Shanghai that offers unique, modern designs, focused on quality, style and craftsmanship.  Founder Tali Wu was born in Paraguay but his family is Chinese. Having discovered a passion for leather as a student at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco from where he graduated in 2004, he decided to return to his roots and move to Shanghai in 2007 to launch his own collection of leather accessories.


Designer and founder Tali Wu

Designer and founder Tali Wu


Flying Scissors offers leather accessories with a strong personality – Wu’s designs are bold and playful yet chic and elegant. The collection consists of a core line of bags, wallets, clutches and belts (for men and women) as well as quarterly collections in the colours of the season, all crafted from delicious buttery leathers. Wu’s biggest influence is his passion for rock music (he used to be a big fan of Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses in the 80s and is a devout follower of Beijing rock band Brain Failure) which comes across in the zips, studs and other rock chic details.


We chat to Tali Wu to find out more…


How did you first start working with leather?

I first got interested in working with leather during college. There’s something very traditional and crafty about it that I like. Plus, accessories is a field that provides things that are very personal to people which is something I like to do.



When did you launch Flying Scissors and why?

I launched FS in 2008. I believe in pursuing what you love to do and this is it for me!


Flying Scissors Rockola satchel in champagne

Flying Scissors Rockola satchel in champagne


What is the main concept behind the brand?

I want to create a brand that is simple, timeless, a bit androgynous, and powerful.



What inspired the scissors name and logo?

The logo is symbolic of creative exploration. The scissors mirror our brand’s style by being something very mechanical, timeless and cool. I also like the fact that the name sounds like a cool little punk band from Beijing.



Apart from leather, are there any other materials you like to work with?

We have done a few cotton canvas pieces and I want to explore different material options and possibilities in the future.



Flying Scissors Small Rockola Crossbody in dark brown python

Flying Scissors Small Rockola Crossbody in dark brown python


Is there a Chinese element in your designs?

This is an interesting question. First of all, yes, there are possible elements that could be Chinese in my designs but, in the creative process, these have been unintentionally abstracted. But I also think that, in a way, expecting a Chinese brand to have elements such as dragon prints and silk embroidery is like expecting an American brand to incorporate cowboy boots or print the American flag on their designs. Maybe it’s what the rest of the world would like to see. The truth is that Chinese people do have these ancient traditional roots in their blood and it would definitely be interesting to explore this “Chinese” theme in a way that will not make the designs look like they came from an airport gift shop.


Flying Scissors Spikes evening bag in gold

Flying Scissors Spikes evening bag in gold



Where can shoppers currently get their hands on your collections?

Our products are available from retailers across China and we are opening a new boutique in Shanghai in September. You can find the full stockist list on our website.  We are also working on making our products available globally and will definitely let everybody know when this happens.



For more information, visit www.flyingscissors.cn


Photography courtesy of www.flyingscissors.cn



*Sophie is a UK-born freelance writer and personal shopper currently based in Buenos Aires. To find out more about her, visit www.shop-buenosaires.com 



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