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Global Designer Spotlight: Purse n’ Boots from Vancouver, Canada

Purse n' Boots

Purse n' Boots by Elizabeth Anne LeGear



Slotted in the “why didn’t I think of this” category is this fantastic fashion find, where the shoes literally can carry it all!


By: Marina Radovanovic

Toronto, Canada



For years women have donned gorgeous footwear for beauty, and at times, comfort may or may not have been compromised. Right now we’re on our way to learn about how one woman – Elizabeth Anne created a spectacular fashion accessory (and need); Purse n’ Boots!


New shoes and boots arise in the world of fashion often, but this is the first time that such a fashion staple has a unique advantage for all women; liberating them from worries of carrying a purse/clutch when it’s not convenient!


Designer, Elizabeth Anne LeGear

Designer, Elizabeth Anne LeGear


When going for a walk, shopping or a night on the town; Elizabeth Anne invented simply stunning boots that not only serve as footwear, but can carry important items within them! Conveniently tucked away inside are pockets that can hold credit cards, money, a cell phone and whatever else that needs to be close to one when out of the house.


There’s no more need to worry or think about where to put your purse or clutch if you’re fancying to dance at a party or club, or whether you’re out shopping and your hands are full- by wearing these absolutely amazing boots that are so sleek and complementing, a person now has two accessories in one!


Purse n' Boots

Purse n' Boots


Over the years we might have witnessed how convenient items such as purses that have a myriad of compartments to hold our precious items and organize everything for us, but skimped out on beauty and contemporary trends – Elizabeth Anne did quite the opposite! She magnificently combined contemporary fashion, convenience and style into one “must need” accessory item that practically every woman owns – boots!


I asked Elizabeth Anne a few questions about her astonishing product:


What motivated and inspired you to create such an exquisite fashion item?


My motivation: After working tirelessly to achieve an accounting  degree, getting a great job at a wonderful company and working towards  a CGA designation I was still feeling very unfulfilled. As with most  people stuck in the 9-5 scene, I wanted to work for myself. Inspired  by Tim Ferris? 4-work week I started looking for my muse. I found it  one night at a club when I went to retrieve my cell phone from inside  the knee-high boots I always wore. A fascinated bartender leaned over  and excitedly pointed? What a great idea! I should do that!? After  that incident, my idea for discreetly hidden pockets on the inside of  knee-highs was born.



Purse n' Boots

Purse n' Boots



When did this idea strike you, and was it difficult to manifest the ‘thought’ into actual production?


It was difficult turning the idea into physical matter. Thank  goodness for Google and making the right mistakes! It was a fun  challenge though, and now it will be easier going forward to produce  new inventions.



Do you foresee any ‘woman friendly’ accessories that will revolutionize the daily items women have been using and wearing since time immemorial?


I do! Until I have my new patents though I can unveil them ;) All I  can say is there will be places to put purse items regardless of whether you are wearing boots, sweatpants or nothing!



Purse n' Boots

Purse n' Boots



Other than the wonderful website you have and the store in Calgary that offers your incredible boots for sale, do you envision your boots being available at other stores in various metropolitan cities across Canada and beyond?


That is definitely my hope. Now that I have a complete line I can start shopping to retailers with more seriousness. In an ideal world, this would be an international operation with Purse n’ Boots available all over the world.



Purse n' Boots

Purse n' Boots


Purse n' Boots

Purse n' Boots


Have you had your gorgeous product/boots in any exhibits or fashion shows; If so, where and when? Also, will there be any shows or exhibits in the future and will the public be able to purchase the lovely boots at that time?


I’m looking to get into the Calgary Stampede next year and possibly the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) in Vancouver. None of this is certain yet but my fingers are crossed! The new cowboy boot would be a hit in both places I think.  People are always losing things at the Stampede, myself included. All of my new boots now have passport pockets, perfect for out-of-towners visiting these events.


It was a pleasure to learn about the remarkable fashion item that Elizabeth Anne created and to find out more about her products, future fashion exhibits and how to purchase; please visit her website www.elizabethanneshoes.com .



Photography courtesy of Puss n’ Boots / Elizabethanneshoes.com



*Marina is a successful author, a history buff and adores classic literature. This Torontonian relishes in the  exploration of  unchartered fashion routes to discover talent that should be noted by everyone. 

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