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Global Designer Spotlight: Perth

Border top and edge shorts from her Precipice Collection

Border Top and Edge Shorts from the Precipice Collection



This Australian designer embraces experimental lines with her keen eye of construction. 


By: Marina Radovanovic

Toronto, Canada


Catini Designs is a Perth-based label established in the later half of 2010 by designer Catherine Mancini. Having graduated in 2009 from the Central Institute of Technology (TAFE) with the award for Best Construction, Mancini has a keen eye for using innovative lines and unexpected shapes in the construction of her garments, making every quality piece as unique as the next.


With collections embracing and complimenting the female silhouette, Catini designs are inspired by both contemporary and historical architecture and sculpture. With a focus on the shoulders, waist and hips, Mancini creates shapes that are translated onto the body in structural, voluminous, three-dimensional forms.


Having an eye for detail, Mancini uses handcrafted manipulations to produce timeless and elegant keepsakes that appeal to the directional, creative and effortlessly stylish woman.


Catini Designs garments are beautifully constructed, covetable pieces that are a perfect balance of sleek, wearable minimalism and innovative avant-garde design.



Channel dress from the Precipice Collection

Channel Dress from the Precipice Collection


What made you decide to start your own label?

After  leaving school at the end of year 10 at only 15 years of age I decided to go onto to TAFE. If I hadn’t of got in I would have stayed at school — however there were no subjects related to fashion. I studied for 4 years at TAFE and graduated with my Advanced Diploma of Art and Design (Fashion and Textile Design) at the age of 19. After that I took a little time off and worked at my part-time job.


I decided that the only thing I really wanted to do and what I had studied for 4 years, was to start my own label. I didn’t want to waste any time and I was getting very bored working each week so I decided it was the right time to start…there were so many things I didn’t know but the main thing was that I still had the passion and determination to design so the rest I could tackle as I go.



Forrow top and Valley skirt from the Precipice Collection

Forrow Top and Valley Skirt from the Precipice Collection


How do you choose your models?

Well I haven’t really got to choose too many models! For my show at Perth Fashion Festival all the models were allocated to each designer. But for the photoshoot for my debut collection Precipice, the model chosen was stunning. She has a certain radiant uniqueness about her that represented my collection perfectly and really identified with my design aesthetic.


Crest jacket and Ridge pants from the Precipice Collection

Crest Jacket and Ridge Pants from the Precipice Collection



Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from architecture and sculpture. I apply those various strong and bold lines to the body. I love working with the woman’s silhouette of the shoulders, waist and hips and really playing with those lines and shapes. I use the female body as a blank canvas.


What was the theme behind the Spring/Summer 2012 collection?

The theme behind my debut collection Precipice, was architecture and sculpture. It was all about using the female silhouette as a blank canvas and working with the shoulders, waist and hips to create those architecturally unique lines and shapes. The colour palette is really natural feminine in that I used salmon, ivory, beige and black and they really created an elegant feel to the each garment and really softened the design.


Any advice for aspiring designers?

Ha!! Just do it!! There is no time like the present!! It’s really important to use your resources. People you may know in the industry, lecturers just to really soak up any knowledge and guidance you can along the way. The designing aspect of fashion is in your blood but the business side takes time to fully grasp, but if you love it and have the passion for it, nothing will stop you from achieving what you want.


Horizon dress from the Precipice Collection

Horizon Dress from the Precipice Collection



What do you hope to see in the future for Catini Designs?

I like to take it one step at a time…..week to week actually!! With so many things going on at once!! I loved being part of Perth Fashion Festival 2011 so I hope to continue my involvement with them. I gained  a lot of opportunities and exposure for Catini Designs and met some incredible people. In the future I hope to get on board stockists in Perth, over East (Melbourne) and even interstate. My ultimate goal would be to someday have my own boutique.


Photography courtesy of  Cantini Designs/Libby Edwards

Filed by Emily Martin


*Marina is a successful author, a history buff and adores classic literature. This Torontonian relishes in the  exploration of  unchartered fashion routes to discover talent that should be noted by everyone. 



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