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Global Designer Spotlight: Panamá City


Paola Cantagalli

Paola Cantagalli at Macro Fest 2011



The brave new world of Paola Cantagalli.

By: Olguita Reyna

Panamá City, Panamá


One of the perks of being a fashion blogger is the amazing people you meet. In this case, it’s Panamá City’s Paola Cantagalli.  A new fashion designer in Panama, with only two collections under her belt, she is quickly becoming one of the favorites of the Panamenian fashionista.


Panama Fashion Week

Panamá Fashion Week

Panama Fashion Week

Panamá Fashion Week

















How do you begin you career as a Fashion Designer?

Since I was a child, I [was always] fascinated with fashion, fabrics and the confections of clothes.  I spent a lot of time with my grandmother making sketches and watching her [making] great clothes and accessories for my brothers and I.  When I finished high school, I decided I will leave Panamá to study Fashion at Savana Collage of Art & Design (SCAD) in Georgia; I then changed university, and went to Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, California, for my degree in Fashion Design.  I returned to Panamá to start working with the recognized Panamenian Designer Sarah Bassan.  Since then, I presented two collections, one at Macro Fest 2011 and of course now at Panama Fashion Week 2011.


At Macro Fest 2011

Macro Fest 2011

at Macro Fest 2011

Macro Fest 2011

















How do you create a collection?

I start creating a “Mood Board”, where I write down all my ideas, thoughts, pictures that inspire me and that will create a theme for the collection.  Once I have a theme, I start doing sketches, and start creating the clothes. This process takes around 3 months. I am always researching magazines, blogs, and pay attention to fashion forecasting.


Which fabrics do you prefer to work with?

I like fine textiles like silk, charmeuse, chiffon, and organza. I also like prints and solid fabrics.


at Macro Fest 2011

Macro Fest 2011



Which kind of woman inspires you?

I design for a very feminine woman, international, strong and interested in fashion. She seeks to be different.


Who are your favorite designers?

There are a lot of them. Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler are my favorite ones.


What do you have planned for your future? 

I want to position my brand Paola Cantagalli within the local fashion industry, continuing to be a part of fashion events in my country, and opening a showroom where I [can] offer my clients unique designs and textiles.


You can visit Paola’s Facebook page

You can buy Paola’s line at Hush Panama



Photography by Ivan Mastrolinardo (Panama Fashion Week 2011) 

Photography by Mauricio HerreraBarria (Macro Fest 2011)



*Olguita is a Panamenian fashion blogger. She loves to sing, write and meet new people. She is always seeking for new talent in all types of art expressions. You can read her fashion musings at http://www.BuscandoFashion.com







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